Church and Non-Profit Groups

We are very pleased to offer risk management solutions to meet the needs of churches, camps and any non-profit organization. It is our goal to teach safety and security basics to those that are interested or have a need.  We have helped 100’s of churches with their risk management solutions, training and equipment nationwide. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist with policy design, training, and equipment installation to assist you with your disaster preparedness, safety or security strategies! Whether it is meeting with your  leadership team or speaking to the group itself, we have the resources to help you prepare and are with you every step of the way! We travel all over the United States!
No church or Faith based organization is exempt from disasters or tragedy. Let us help you protect your most valuable resource – people! Our professionals are skilled at knowing industry standards and making cost effective recommendations.  From start to finish, we can provide suggestions, tools, and resources to eliminate the stress from your decision making process. Eliminate the “worry” from your plans and call us today!
RISK MANAGEMENT:  The first step in the risk management process is to identify all areas in which an organization may be exposed to loss. For example, in terms of physical assets such as real property or personal property, he or she should consider what could possibly cause damage. Common exposures to loss are fire and theft as well as safety and security concerns. Common questions would be: Do the people in key positions know how to handle health emergencies? Are there people or teams trained to handle security threats within the organization should it become necessary? Is there adequate equipment for disasters or emergency situations (such as medical supplies, disaster supplies or security camera systems).
TRAINING:  Whether you need our help start to finish, or  would like us to come in and simply train your team, we have the right training for your organization! We offer all of our normal health classes at group rates and also offer personal safety training, including:  De-escalation training, active shooter training, fire safety training and also disaster response training.  We will sit down with you, review your current levels of training for your staff or teams, and  advise, consult and train to your needs and specifications.
SAFETY & SECURITY CONSULTING:  With our variety of experience, we have the resources to assist you with planning and executing strategies. Without leaving any area “unturned” we analyze event patterns, service structures, and offer viable solutions and strategies for security details, monetary transportation, and team allocation to ensure a safe environment.  We review current safety policies and make recommendations based on industry and OSHA standards.
EQUIPMENT RESOURCES/INSTALLATION:  After the initial observations, analysis, and recommendations, we review your budget and provide turn key solutions for equipment necessary to support organizational training. We offer trauma/first aid kit placement, AED installation, notification and alert systems, security cameras, and background check solutions.  Regardless of your budget, we have several plans to meet your equipment needs and support your organization with industry standards.
ONGOING TRAINING: On completion of initial training and equipment installation, we offer ongoing certification training schedules to assist with maintaining compliance.  We regularly offer compliance audits as well as tracking to facilitate team building within your organization.


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